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We're devoted to building a positive feeling towards the brand through interactive, meaningful & memorable activations (experiences?). We help brands find and create real fans - driving brand desire, loyalty and positive word of mouth. We believe in a simple approach. Keep ideas simple. Use creative experiential techniques to engage the consumer with a wow effect. Deliver quantified & measurable results to our clients.

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Display Stands

Etisalat Fitness Fest
Objective: Lead Generation via strategic event sponsorships What we did: We created an Experience zone for Fitness First consumers in a 20x20m space, we dressed up the venue in the brand color carpet and Giant Wooden Arches with branding put up cozy tents for consumers to relax, placed Branded Flags & Barricades for optimum visibility. Our professional trainers demonstrated routines & also gave tips to eager and enthused consumers. Result: Lead Generation of more than 500 target audience
Baby Shop Stand @MBC
Objective: Showcase Babyshop as one stop shop for all your mom needs, advise & guidance as far as babies are concerned What we did: Designed a stand layout which provided an Expert’s lounge where moms could meet with Specialists and discuss their needs of parenting. The stand was open from all sides in order to be more welcoming to everyone. Separate seating arrangements across the stand ensured we have opportunity for multiple dialogues with consumers simultaneously. Result: hundreds & hundreds of moms talking to each other about the experience - and the brand positively
J&J Store Display
Objective: J&J is the number world baby care brand in the middle east, to keep its top position it needs to be innovative in its POS material What we did: We designed and fabricated a POS stand which reinforced the brand's message, made easy for consumers to come and pick their favourite brand right in the middle of the busy Hyper market Result: Increased visibility and sale for the brand by 30% during the promotion
We believe in a creative approach to designing display stands which integrates the brand on offer and creates a differentiator from the surrounding for better visibility and customer impact. We offer full service project management of the stands which includes .complete design, prototype and building service. Our teams will manage the end to end contracting, complete technical venue coordination, mounting and dismantling, and exhibitor relationship to deliver the project.


Launch of Montegrappa’s Khalil Gibran collection
Objective: Launch the limited edition collection pen from Montegrappa - Khalil Gibran collection What we did: Launched the collection at a premium event organized for select guests and press at the international writer’s center in Dubai Result: The experience was rich in style & tradition
Producing a successful event requires a cohesive approach to coordinate the multiple & complex details to deliver seamlessly executed and highly compelling live events. We have a proven track record in helping our clients by providing creative customized solution for the planning and execution of the event. Our concepts are high on creativity & reflect technological innovations. With in-depth industry experience and in house production teams we able to efficiently coordinate all the moving parts from design and decor to graphics, audio visual, electrical, transportation & staffing services. Our team is committed to delivering excellence and takes responsibility for all aspects of the event. Our partnerships with clients have formed long term relationships. Our events range includes high profile conferences, product launch, HR staff engagements, corporate team building exercises, Gala dinners & award ceremonies & weddings. With the team’s wealth of knowledge and experience, Global Event Management Group is ideally placed to help you solve your next brand marketing or events challenge and ultimately drive success and increased revenue for your business.

Mass Sampling

Lux Park Sampling
Objective: Launch of the new Fragrance for LUX What we did: We gave away unique rose shaped fragrance testers to consumers. During special hours we also gave away samples of the new soap. The activation drew crowds in hoards who queued up to get their free sample. Result: Thousands of consumers sampled the new fragrance via this unique sampling activation
Beach Park Sampling
Objective: Refresh your self with a hot cup of Lipton’s tea What We did: We offered Beach & Park consumers a fresh cup of hot tea on a cool wintery day. Our able bodied brand ambassadors gave out fresh cuppa tea to consumers across the park by carrying portable backpack dispensers. We also had our sampling stations which gave out different flavoured tea's Results: More than 15000 cups of tea was sampled in one day and about 15000 smiles for Lipton was captured
Door 2 Door Sampling
Objective: Mass sampling of Unilever brands. What We did: Our team of experienced promoters co-packed the samples with the brand doorknobs and kept them ready for sampling. Our execution team carried them in vans to designated residential areas and sampled them on door knobs. Result: more than 200,000 people touched, felt and sampled the brands
We generate & build brand advocates for our clients through sampling. A successful product sampling campaign has the power to drive trial, stimulate the senses and change taste perceptions. Product experience through hand to hand sample distribution at an enjoyable event/promotion increases potential conversion, drives viral word-of-mouth and creates goodwill. We have cultivated and created a wide network of places of interest that consumers frequent. Our tie-ups span across multiple catchment areas like schools, parks, building societies, office buildings, supermarkets, shopping malls & cafes/sheeha bars. We specialise in product sampling execution like no other event marketing agency.

Roadshows / Promotions / Activations

Rugby 7’s – Fitness First
Objective: Lead Generation via Road show in youth focused events What we did: We created an Experience zone for Fitness First consumers in a 6x4m space, we setup their mobile branding units which include Fitness equipment, Self standing Plasma Wall, Registration Table, Sound system, Acrylic branded backdrop. Our professional trainers demonstrated routines & also gave tips to eager and enthused consumers. Result: Lead Generation of more than 300 target audience
TCP- Mall Activation
Objective: Launch of the The Children’s place store in Mirdiff City Center, Dubai What we did: An engaging & interactive mall activity complete with fashion show & press meet. Our friendly hostesses encouraged children to make their wishes at the 'Wishing Wall' which dished out impromptu giveaways for children like candies, toys & discount vouchers. The engaging MC conducted spot contests for children and their mom's to participate and win instantly some amazing gift vouchers. Result: increased footfall & sales in the store via the engaging activity in the mall.
We bring your brand to life with an unforgetable live experience. Combine the power of experiential events with face to face conversations to build trust and connect with your brand. We know exactly what it takes to create, execute & deliver measurable and practical live brand activations.   Our in-house services cover everything you need to create and deliver brand experience campaigns. We provide end to end expertise from planning to execution. Concept, design of various elements, strategic tie-ups, location/venue, production, logistics, staffing & end report documentation. A well planned and executed activation program is an unbeatable way to get your consumer to interact with the brand, get them to sample, buy and recommend your product, service or cause. No other marketing channel is as engaging or human as a face to face encounter!

School Activations

School Program
Objective: The Brand has embarked on a social mission of educating, engaging & inspiring children to practice good hygiene. The Goal is to have all 2 million children across the Gulf aged between 4-12 yrs of age to have zero cavities and zero germs by year 2020. What we do: Educate children to practice good hygiene with the help of an animated video, mascots & role play. We demonstrate the patented 'Glow Germ test' and the correct way to wash your hands & mouth. Result: Over 2 million children have engaged & experienced the brand positively

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